Ministry Focus

Equipping others for spiritual survival using Kathleen Kaplan's online content and ministry events.

The Spiritual Survival Handbook authored by Kathleen Kaplan is an excellent summary of the Christian faith. It contains divine guidance, easy to understand practical steps for “walking your talk”, and a blueprint for developing a relationship with God. It is an effective teaching tool that presents biblical truths instructing how to pray, how to have faith during tough times, how to develop strong loving relationships, how to hear God’s voice, how to be free of fear, and how to win spiritual battles.


On June 15, 2015, Kathleen Kaplan was instructed by the Lord to publish her private “Messages from God” for the first time on this web site for the spiritual growth of others. She received these messages during her devotional prayer times over the past forty years. Each one contains spiritual keys and life giving words of encouragement for a victorious Christian life. Kathleen’s prayer is for you to be inspired and motivated by them as she has been in developing a close relationship with God.


Every ministry event includes a time of worship drawing the presence of the Holy Spirit, Kathleen preaching the Word of God and sharing her personal healing testimonies raising faith for miracles to occur, and prophetic prayer for those in attendance. Kathleen’s spiritual gifts of the Word of Knowledge, Word of Wisdom, Prophecy, and Healing are stirred up by God’s presence to benefit the people she is ministering to. Kathleen is also available to minister at your church or Christian organization.

Spiritual Survival Ministry is a 501(c)3 non profit organization that exists to inspire individuals into a close relationship with God through Jesus and teaching them how to possess a dynamic life in the Holy Spirit. Your financial donation supports Spiritual Survival Ministry’s free online resources and ministry events. Thank you for your consideration of giving to this ministry.



Kathleen Kaplan

Kathleen is an Internet Missionary and Inner Healing Minister ordained by Full Gospel Fellowship International, commissioned as a Prophet by Kingdom Congressional International Alliance, and President/Founder of Spiritual Survival Ministry. At the age of four, she became a Christian and has matured into a Spirit filled disciple with over forty years of ministry experience. In 1998 Kathleen was divinely inspired to write the Spiritual Survival Handbook. In 1999 she was led by the Holy Spirit to create the web site as a way to freely distribute her handbook to the global Christian community and she launched the Spiritual Survival Ministry in 2000. Since then, the Spiritual Survival Handbook has been used worldwide by pastors, teachers, evangelists, and lay ministers in their respective ministries. Additionally, Kathleen has received reports that the handbook has been translated into other languages and used specifically in the under ground churches within the persecuted nations of Indonesia, Pakistan, Africa, China, Philippines, and Iraq in equipping new believers. Kathleen is a survivor of childhood abuse. She found inner healing by applying biblical truths daily and now lives a victorious Christian life with a desire to help others find the wholeness she found in a close relationship with God. She is the recipient of many physical healing miracles involving recovery from two paralyzing Strokes, freedom from Lupus, debilitating Meniere’s Syndrome, escaped death from a ruptured Appendix, and a creative miracle of a diseased heart valve scheduled for surgical replacement. Her testimonies always give Father God the glory for her miracles.