Spiritual Survival Handbook

Biblical principles presented in an easy to understand Q & A format.

The Spiritual Survival Handbook authored by Kathleen Kaplan is an excellent summary of the Christian faith. It contains divine guidance, easy to understand practical steps for “walking your talk”, and a blueprint for developing a relationship with God. It is an effective teaching tool that presents biblical truths instructing how to pray, how to have faith during tough times, how to develop strong loving relationships, how to hear God’s voice, how to be free of fear, and how to win spiritual battles.


On June 15, 2015, Kathleen Kaplan published her private “Messages from God” for the first time on this web site for the spiritual growth of others. She received these messages during her devotional prayer times over the past forty years. Each one contains spiritual keys and life-giving encouragement for a victorious Christian life. Kathleen’s prayer is for you to be inspired and motivated by them as she has been in developing a close relationship with Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.


The miracles Kathleen Kaplan has personally experienced are like those God desires to give to you. His will is for all to be healed. If you need a miracle, ask God for it and if you are a Christian declare your healing that was provided through the stripes Jesus received. Then thank God for your healing. Why? Because faith praises God for what is rightfully yours, whereas fear pleads with God for something He wants you to have. Read Kathleen’s miracles to boost your faith to receive your miracles.

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